Greetings Agents!

First things first…a big thank you for your interest in Mystery District.  The only way this company works is if people like you continue to show interest and appreciation, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

Now for the big question on everyone’s mind…what does Mystery District do?

I’m glad you asked, hypothetical online audience.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in another state or maybe it’s because there’s so much to do, but I am so enchanted by DC. For this reason, I felt compelled to start a business like Mystery District where I can connect my fellow District dwellers (or out of towners!) with everything that DC has to offer…but with a twist!  When it comes to planning a date or a fun day of activities with friends, there are three challenges that Mystery District serves to address:

  1. I never try new things because I don’t want to go through that whole anxiety-inducing hassle accurately portrayed by Aziz Ansari in the first season finale of “Master of None.”
  2. I keep going to the same bar/neighborhood for fun because I genuinely like my same ol’ spot and/or I fear change.
  3. I wish I could do something out of the box, but I don’t know what my date/friend will like and I don’t want to blow it.

Now here’s where Mystery District comes into play:

  1. Take your precious thumb away from the Yelp app and do some deep breathing exercises.  Mystery District’s HQ is here to do the scoping and research for you.  We’ve compiled a database of DC’s hidden gems and will do our best to pick events/activities/bars/restaurants that will not only live up to your expectations, but blow your mind.
  2. Respect, my dude.  You know what you like.  Keep on keepin’ on…but when you feel like branching out and trying something new, Mystery District will be here for you!
  3. HQ feels you.  In this case, the risk is well worth the reward in the sense that you’ll experience a fun, thoughtful date that your date/friend will surely remember. And no pressure to you since HQ is planning it!

*We at Mystery District believe in creating an experience that introduces you to new places and things, supports local businesses, and ultimately makes the whole process stress-free.

Next blog post will take you through the process of what each experience is like!


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