How To Win #MysteryMonday

Greetings Agents!

Those of you who already follow Mystery District on Instagram or Facebook have probably noticed a weekly contest called #MysteryMonday! To help you win the contest, here are the details:

How To Win:
Every Monday, Mystery District will post a picture of one of DC’s #hiddengems. Your mission is to guess where the picture was taken. If correct, Mystery District will comp one of your three missions on your next mystery date!

Contest Rules as of September 1, 2017:
1. To be eligible, you must already follow Mystery District on either Instagram or Facebook.
2. Winners must redeem their mystery date within 90 days of their guess.
3. To win, you simply need to provide the name of the location of where the picture was taken (bar, restaurant, museum, etc.).
4. Each weekly #MysteryMonday contest expires at 11:59 PM ET on the following Sunday (i.e. the previous week’s #MysteryMonday is not eligible for the current week’s contest).
5. Guesses must take place on either Instagram or Facebook. Direct submissions to HQ or on the website will not be accepted.

Moving forward, HQ will post here on the website about the previous week’s #MysteryMonday and why it’s considered a favorite hidden gem. Here’s a link to a previous week’s #MysteryMonday as an example.

Godspeed, Agents!


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