What is a Mystery Date like?

HQ here and reporting for duty. For those of you thinking “Yeah, a mystery date sounds interesting, but I wanna know more about what I’m getting.” Here’s a breakdown of events starting with the day you take your survey:

PHASE 01: Survey completed. Mystery District receives your survey results and sends you a confirmation e-mail.

PHASE 02: One week before your mystery date.  You will receive an e-mail containing instructions, required items, and itinerary. This e-mail will also contain your starting time & location.

PHASE 03: Day of the mystery date. Each mystery date consists of three activities, or “missions.” At least 30 minutes prior to each of your three missions, HQ will e-mail you mission clues containing exact addresses, start and end times, and a blurb about what the mission is. Don’t worry, you won’t have to solve a riddle to get to the mission, as the clues are fairly straightforward. Most missions take place within walking distance of each other. If not, easy transportation suggestions will be provided in your clue.

Each mystery date and mission clue is crafted with love and mystery. HQ hopes you enjoy your date! Get started by taking the survey here, and thanks for making it a mystery!


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