#MysteryMonday – August 28, 2017

Greetings, Agents! HQ coming at you hot after an awesome #LDW spent in Chicago, a city also full of hidden gems. Today’s topic of discussion is last week’s #MysteryMonday post and why it was chosen as a hidden gem: Sequoia!

First things first, congrats to our winner! Here at Mystery District, we live for the opportunity to plan a thoughtful and exciting mystery date for anyone.

Now, why is Sequoia considered one of HQ’s favorite hidden gems? I’ll tell ya, Agents. For all you DC regulars out there, you must be thinking “Uhhh, Sequoia is a popular restaurant on the Georgetown Waterfront, there’s no way this is aΒ hiddenΒ gem.” I know, and I agree, it is certainly not hidden. But it is a gem for the experience that HQ and friends had for two reasons:

  1. Views. On a nice day with the sun shining down on you through the pleasant shade of those umbrellas and a sparkling Potomac River to look at in between conversation with friends, it’s hard to not have a good time here.
  2. Bottomless and delicious EVERYTHING. From omelets to crab cakes to mimosas, it is an excellent contribution to a city that loves its brunch.

So not every gem is always going to be hidden. But it will be a place that HQ has come to love in this city, and would love to share with the rest of the world. Keep playing and maybe HQ will send you here on a mystery date. Or maybe not…gotta keep the mystery alive!


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