#MYSTERYMONDAY – September 4, 2017

Hot diggity dog, it’s time for mystery. Or should we say, *wet* diggity dog. Yes, Agents, that is indeed a colossal pun. For September 4th’s Mystery Monday hidden gem was taken at none other than DC’s own Wet Dog Tavern!

To HQ, Wet Dog Tavern checks a lot of our boxes for a hidden gem:

  1. Hidden locale (or at least somewhat hidden)
  2. Amazing selection of food and whichever alcoholic beverage you fancy that day
  3. Awe-inspiring decor that transports you to their own world
  4. BONUS: you can actually bring your dog…to Wet Dog Tavern

Before setting foot in Wet Dog Tavern, HQ would often drive by, see the “DRINKS & DRINKS” sign painted on the facade and think “damn, what is that sweet spot with the lights and beacon of hope?” Since the tavern is located in an odd spot just north of U Street, it was easy to miss. Until one fateful day…HQ couldn’t take it anymore and embarked on a deliberate quest to enter the establishment. And it was everything we dreamed it would be and more.

We won’t spoil too much of the details…you’ll have to just see it for yourself! HQ will certainly be back for more revelry and libations. Godspeed, Agents.


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