Another day, another mystery. This one holds a special place in the heart of HQ, as we are adamant coffee drinkers. How else would we have the time and energy to share our hidden gems with all of DC?! The hidden gem for September 11th’s Mystery Monday goes to…Big Bear Cafe!

We’re starting to see a theme of animals in most of HQ’s Mystery Monday posts, but any theme at all is purely a coincidence, we assure you. In any case, if you haven’t been to Big Bear Cafe yet, you should stop what you’re doing and run, not walk, to First St NW & R St NW.

If you’re not impressed with their lattes, daily happy hour (yes, they serve beverages of the night as well), and mouthwatering food menu, then maybe you’ll bat an eyelash or two at their jungle-like patio boasting plentiful seating and free wi-fi.

Mic drop. Check it out.


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