#MysteryMonday – September 18, 2017

We love Mondays here at HQ. Why? Because mystery is afoot with our weekly #mysterymonday post. Now, this week’s #hiddengem was chosen for several reasons, but what’s the name of the establishment, you ask? Why, none other than…

Mama Ayesha’s!

Now, this spot checks a lot of hidden gem boxes for HQ. The most obvious of which is that it’s kind of a hidden gem. Yes, it’s got that super baller mural of Mama Ayesha herself amidst every US President from Eisenhower to Obama (as of September 2017), but other than that, the restaurant itself is quite unassuming. It’s got a plain yet clear sign portraying the restaurant’s name right out front, but answer this for us, Agents: how many times have you drove/jogged/biked/moonwalked past this mural without once trying the delicious food within its walls? Case closed.

The next time you feel like going out for dinner, give Mama Ayesha’s a try. And tell ’em Mystery District sent you. Let us know what you think.


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