#MysteryMonday – September 25, 2017

YESYESYES! It’s our favorite day of the week here at HQ. Today especially is exciting because the #MysteryMonday post is a favorite hidden gem of ours (although it feels like we say that every week)…


Why is it a hidden gem?

First of all, we love that the name is somewhat of an homage to DC’s political scene. Points for staying in theme to the city.

Second of all, it’s a shining beacon of light, happiness, and deliciousness in the blossoming neighborhood of Eckington. So, rejoice, hungry and hungover folk of NE and NW DC!

As a corollary to the above, HQ highly recommends their brunch. The bartenders make a mean mimosa and their chicken & waffles is so superb, it turned this northerner into a southern believer.

Third of all, there’s a delightful outdoor patio that transports you outside the realm of this concrete jungle to somewhere cozy filled with twinkle lights and climbing ivy.

Bring your friends. Bring your parents. Bring your better half (on a mystery date, perhaps). BRING YOUR DOG.

Keep on keepin’ on, The Pub & The People.


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