#MysteryMonday – October 9, 2017

It feels like every week we say “this hidden gem holds a special place in our hearts” but THIS ONE really does. Back in 2016, HQ planned a mystery date for the Significant Other (to be referred to as “SO” moving forward).  It was to an event called “Union Kitchen Test Kitchen.” HQ had no idea what it was, but the description mentioned something about food samples, so the tickets were purchased, they went on their date, and when they got there…IT WAS HEAVEN.

Now let’s back up a second and answer the first question: What is Union Kitchen?  Union Kitchen is a food business accelerator based in Ivy City.  It’s a giant building that houses a number of different food businesses under one roof.  It’s a network, a kitchen, a membership, an accelerator, and so much more (to us, anyway). Although the kitchen is in Ivy City, you can purchase the foods made here at Union Kitchen’s groceries (one of which is where this week’s Mystery Monday was captured), in select markets (such as Glen’s Garden Market, Yes! Organic Market, or Whole Foods), or even their own establishments.

Now every couple of months, they open their doors to the public for unlimited tastings in return for a ticket purchase. The most recent one was held on October 14, 2017. Through Union Kitchen Test Kitchen, now known as Union Kitchen’s Meet the Makers, we’ve discovered so many amazing and delicious food items that we can’t help but shout about it from the rooftops. Here are some of our favorites:

– SWAP’s Swapples
– Compass Coffee
– Sasya
– Ice Cream Jubilee
– The Big Spoon
– Watusee Foods
– Takorean

If you’re thinking to yourself DAMN that sounds cool, but I’m bummed I missed it, fret not! Union Kitchen holds these tasting events every couple of months. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter.

Parting thoughts…as a local DC business ourselves, we can’t help but feel incredibly proud of what these businesses have accomplished. Keep on doin’ you, Union Kitchen!


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