#MysteryMonday – October 16, 2017

CAUTION! MYSTERY AWAITS! HQ was super excited to check out this truly hidden gem of DC for a couple of reasons, but before we go any further, where was this picture taken?

The Betsy!

What’s the Betsy? I’m glad you asked, Agent. It’s a garden gin bar tucked away down an alley in Capitol Hill. It almost feels wrong to tell you exactly where it is because it’s mysterious location is half the fun. But we will provide you one clue: follow the chicken feet.

Now, what’s so great about the Betsy? EVERYTHING. Seriously, though, if you like secluded patios, brunch, intimate spaces, awesome bartenders named Ray, gin cocktails, and non-gin cocktails, CHECK.THIS.PLACE.OUT. And fast because once it starts getting unbearably cold, the Betsy will be closed until it thaws again (although with this weird swamp weather, who knows if it’ll even snow this year). Check out the photos below for more of a glimpse into what it’s like in this little oasis of the district.


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