#MysteryMonday – October 30, 2017

We gotta give y’alls the benefit of the doubt on this one. Its opening was fairly recent so there was a good chance that not many people had seen or been to this hidden gem yet. But this is exactly why Mystery District is in business: to fill you in on the best hidden gems DC has to offer when it comes to fun, awesome, romantic, boozy, mysterious, thought-provoking, [insert-adjective-here] activities. And if you heard about it here first, we’ve achieved our goal. So where was this week’s hidden gem captured?


And it was the best mystery date HQ took themselves on in a hot minute.

So let’s consult the list of criteria for Mystery District’s hidden gems, shall we?

1. Secret locale – CHECKITY CHECK CHECK ALL DAY. First of all, we had to make a reservation to come here on Open Table. We also consulted Nocturne’s website for additional details on how to get there. There are detailed instructions on how to get into this bar even after you’ve made reservations. Forgive us, we’re suckers for seclusive bars that require instructions. Y U PLAY HARD TO GET?? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?? CAN I HAZ?? Basically all you have to do is walk into Sugar Shack and notify one of the employees about your reservation at Nocturne. They know what’s up. They’ll escort you to an elevator, hit the basement button, and wish you a sweet goodbye.

2. Worth it? – Hell yes. The premise behind Nocturne is that they do flights of cocktails. HQ thought this was a refreshing marriage of usually pricey speakeasy cocktails and the flexibility of a beer or wine tasting. Challenge: accepted. See drink pics below for what HQ ordered. We also ordered a donut from Sugar Shack straight from the menu. No pics of the donut because obviously there wasn’t enough time between receipt of donut and devouring of said donut.

Hope you enjoy.


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