#ThinkLocalDC – Thursday, November 9, 2017

As a local business that thrives on the successes of other local businesses, Mystery District was very excited to attend Think Local DC, which took place Thursday, November 9th at Blind Whino.

First of all, can we take a moment to gush about the design of Blind Whino? If HQ ever gets a brick & mortar establishment, it better look like the art on Blind Whino’s walls. Check out those pics if you’re not familiar with what it looks like. #DesignGoals

Anywhoodles, Think Local DC was an amazing event to recognize prominent local DC businesses that have made a positive contribution to the community in a variety of categories. HQ got to meet some of the winners, network with other local businesses, and hear from the people of DC about what their favorite hidden gems are! It was the most humbling and uplifting opportunity that we’ve had as a business since our inception in June 2017. Congratulations to the winners listed below, and thank you to everyone who stopped to talk to us!

DC Maker Award: Bailiwick Clothing
Ripple Effect Award: Paul Ruppert Restaurants & Upshut Street Books
High Road Award: The Potter’s House
Green Thumb Award: Misfit Juicery
Builder Award: City First Bank
Pioneer Award: Tightshift Laboring Cooperative
Champion Award: Lee’s Flower and Card Shop

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