#MysteryMonday – November 6, 2017

If you were able to distinguish who this colonial character was, that should have given you a clue as to where this week’s hidden gem was captured! Also, if you’ve ever dared to wander north of U St NW along 14th St NW, you might have seen it. But who goes north of U? For all you brave souls who explored the north, you may have guessed that this picture was taken at…

Franklin Hall!

Hidden Status: HQ thinks so! Anyone who’s walked north of 14th & U probably stopped once they got to Provision No. 14 at 14th & V, or maybe even defied all odds and went up to Kapnos at 14th & W. But only the ambitious will find Franklin Hall at 14th & Florida. And even if you make it that far, you might overlook it. The building looks like a warehouse next to the very awesomely-designed Manhattan Laundry WeWork.

Gem Status: To anyone who loves beer, lots of seating, and TVs to watch “the game,” check this place out. Since it’s a little north of 14th & U, you might find that it’s a little less crowded than Lost Society, The Prospect, or Nellie’s, which HQ loooooved about this place. Especially if you’re traveling with a large group (which we were). Oh, and did we mention the board games?

Overall: hidden gem for lots of beer and lots of friends. Perfect for a group mystery date of people lookin’ to paint the town colonial red.


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