#MysteryMonday – November 13, 2017

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Mystery District would like to take a moment to thank you, Agents, for your support and enthusiasm. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our hidden gems with all of you because there’s nothing we love more than introducing someone to their new favorite thing/place/person/activity. We’re all about spreading the love…just like that cranberry sauce. Enough nostalgia, onto the gem! So where was it?!

Ambar in Capitol Hill!

We’ve heard many a tale about the legendary brunch at Ambar. Unfortunately, we only came here for a drink. But boy, was that enough to land a spot on our hidden gems list. Let’s take a look at the criteria, shall we?

Hidden: Although Ambar itself is not hidden…in fact, it’s in plain freakin’ sight along Barracks Row with a big ol’ sign out front. Plus, it’s aforementioned brunch is apparently bangin’. BUT this little dreamy blue-hued nook is located in the back in a cozy little room with a bar. To HQ, it feels like we’re in any number of Disney movies (Beauty & the Beast/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/take your pick). There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the restaurant, on Barracks Row, or the District, dare I say.

Gemness: I think the above description embodies both “hidden” and “gem” qualifications. But we will add that the bartender made a very nicely proportioned mimosa (aka majority champagne).

Next time you’re lookin’ for a date night spot or a place to post-up for post-brunch drinks…amble over to Ambar.


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