#MysteryMonday – November 20, 2017

Mystery makes the post-holiday Mondays a little better in our opinion. Something to jumpstart your brain, right? A little salt on the potato chip life, if you will. Alright, it’s getting weird. WHERE WAS THIS INCREDIBLY HIDDEN AND INCREDIBLY GEMMY GEM?

Republic Restoratives!

Oh, man, where do we start? So many things to say about this one here, ladies and gents. Let’s millennialize this post and refer to our usual bullet format…

Hidden Status: Don’t get us started with this one. Located off of New York Ave just a little ways past the Florida & New York intersection, past the building with the Angelika Pop-Up sign…you will find this hidden gem, and it is definitely worth the Uber ride. HQ stumbled upon this hidden gem during one of the very first mystery dates that we ever planned. We attended the Union Kitchen Meet the Makers event back in July 2016 (which was amazing by the way, and started a very early obsession with this magical place, but we digress). We were stuffed to the gills with locally-made foods and wanted to keep the party goin’ with our fellow couple friends who also attended the event with us. Right on the same block as Union Kitchen was this beautiful bar with large garage-style windows and this intriguing sign language mural outside of it. Rr? What is this place…?

Gem Status: Oh man, we stumbled upon something awesome. Republic Restoratives is a bar with a very polished, upscale twist to it. There’s plants hanging from the walls, a beautifully handcrafted wooden bar, and an old-timey lookin’ chest right in the center. Not only can you sip on a delicious beverage here, but you can tour the distillery where said beverage was literally made. Tours are made by appointment only Monay-Friday, or at set times on Saturday (1, 3, or 5 PM) and Sunday (1 or 3 PM). Republic Restoratives is the home of the CIVIC brand of vodka that you might find in a number of places especially here in DC, as well as Borough Bourbon and Rodham Rye. HQ envisions taking someone out here to both impress them and surprise them, given its off the U-street path location. The drinks were expertly made with fresh and exotic ingredients. We dare you to not have a good time here, it’s impossible.

HQ’s favorite part of Republic Restoratives is the fact that it’s kind of blazing the trail for NE DC, in addition to a number of other establishments like Union Market, Union Kitchen, and all of the other breweries up there. Pair your mystery date with any one of these amazing, fun, proudly-local DC locations.


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