#MysteryMonday – November 27, 2017

DC ain’t all monuments and museums. It’s not strictly food and drinks, either. Although I think we can all agree that DC has become a metropolis flush with excellent restaurants and bars in the past couple of years. In addition to all of that, though, there are a number of local businesses that have contributed to DC’s unique personality. And this week’s #MysteryMonday is one of those businesses…

From the makers of Salt & Sundry…Little Leaf on S & 14th!

Status Check…

Hidden: In a time when secret basement bars are becoming the norm, you’d probably argue that Little Leaf is not that hidden. It’s not right on the corner of S & 14th…it’s a little ways west of the intersection along S St. But the reason it qualifies as a hidden gem, at least to us, is the way in which you stumble upon it. Those looking for a plant store might automatically google “hardware store” or “nursery” or “florist.” On the other hand, it’s not strictly a plant store either. So how do you find it? You simply…walk down the street. Or word of mouth. You might be walking down 14th St, see the green in the window, and wonder what’s in there. It pulls you in.

Gem: When you first walk into Little Leaf, you might feel like you’re in an urban jungle. There are plants everywhere, hanging from the ceiling, on the floor, on tiers of tables all over the store. And inbetween the varied, adorable, and impeccably styled potted plants, you’ll find books, candles, journals, and sassy signs like the one below.

HQ would recommend wandering into this store with someone who is fascinated by plants…that’s a no brainer. And it’s definitely a clutch spot for unique gifts. But Little Leaf is on its way to bigger things. Stay tuned for what else is to come from Little Leaf. HQ has a feeling it’s gonna be big!


PS…congrats to our winner! Little Leaf was a Cyber Monday special for 2017. The prize? ONE FREE MYSTERY DATE! See ya next week for more mystery, Agents.

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