#MysteryMonday – December 4, 2017


Probably our favorite new hidden gem to hit DC’s streets this year. We didn’t have any guesses on this one, but we’re not surprised since it opened the week of Thanksgiving! Okay, we can’t keep this secret any longer. This past week’s hidden gem was…


Sister restaurant of Compass Rose, Maydan is everything HQ could ever want from a foodie hidden gem. Let’s check the stats…

HIDDEN: Agents, this place is located down a goddamn alleyway off of 14th & Florida. And as a cherry on top, the entrance looks like a little hobbit door. You’d probably walk past it even if you wandered down the alley. When you walk in, you enter the “foyer” where the hostess is stationed. Open the door and find…

GEM: What looks like a restaurant inspired by a Moroccan tent. To your left, a romantically decorated bar featuring Middle Eastern inspired cocktails. To your right, a HUGE firepit where the chefs are literally cooking right there for everyone to see. Beyond the firepit, you’ll see some high top tables for walk-in patrons. This is where HQ and friends dined which was AWESOME because the fire created a toasty, cozy ambiance. Upstairs, there is a designated seating area for reservations which is also stunning. And the whole place is dimly lit with candles and exotic decor.

That being said, this is a primo spot for a mystery date. HQ loves sending clients to places like Maydan because not only is this a restaurant of the highest caliber, but its location adds the exact aura of mystery that we’re looking for. DC, you beautiful gem-ridden city.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO! Make reservations ahead of time here.


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