#MysteryMonday – December 18, 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS, AGENTS! If you’re just tuning in here…here’s what this is:

Every Monday, HQ posts a #MysteryMonday picture on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a photo of a hidden gem in Washington, DC that HQ wants to share with the masses. In order to win #MysteryMonday, you must successfully guess where the hidden gem is located (no limit on number of guesses!) and you must follow Mystery District on either Facebook or Instagram (we make the list and check it twice). The post for Monday, December 25th is indeed in Christmas theme.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: we also publish a blog post here on our website about why the previous week’s hidden gem was selected based on two basic criteria: it’s hiddenness and its gemness. Without any further ado, here’s the analysis for December 18th’s hidden gem:


HIDDEN: Sure, the actual fast casual restaurant, Chicken + Whiskey, is not hard to find. It’s right on the ever popular 14th St. But those seeking refuge from the mainstream restaurant can do so behind the freezer door which does not in fact lead to a freezer. Rather it’s…

GEM: a small but ample bar decorated with all the whiskeys your heart desires. The secret freezer door makes the whiskey go down easier, we think…

Check it out, let us know, tag @mysterydistrict, or reach out with your thoughts! And thanks for making it a mystery.


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