#MysteryMonday – January 8, 2018

Stay toasty, my friends. It’s still freaking cold on this rather chilly MLK Day. For those of you who had to work today too, respect. For those of you who didn’t have work, we hope you took advantage of it and tried something new and daring today!

We didn’t even plan it this way, but this week’s #MysteryMonday seems quite fitting for today’s holiday…THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE!

HIDDEN: We’re definitely breaking this rule for the NAAM…but in a sense…one could argue that with its many floors and exhibits, you’re bound to find a hidden gem in this museum. Srsly tho, it’s right on the corner of 14th & Independence and cannot be missed with its iconic architecture. You couldn’t miss it if you tried.

GEM: As one of the newer and much anticipated museums on the mall, ya gotta be patient if you want to go to the NAAM. When it first opened, the wait list for a free ticket was at least 6 months! As of January 2018, the wait list is probably about 3 months, BUT STILL. DAMN. Regardless, there’s a reason for the wait: it’s enlightening, it’s emotional, it’s inspiring, it’s fascinating. HQ’s favorite part was the music hall and the family history exhibit (aka you sign up for a slot to use the museum’s various genealogy accounts for 5 minutes).

Surprise your partner-in-crime with some tickets to the NAAM on a mystery date…but make sure you plan for it at least 3 months in advance!


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