#MysteryMonday – JANUARY 29, 2018

HQ had an amazing time at this literal hidden gem in DC:


Before we went, we weren’t exactly sure what it was (anyone else out there that felt the same?). We’d heard of its legend and the allure of trap doors, but the question remained: what exactly do you do there? Here’s what you do there: find a fun, adventure-seeking friend, sign up for the champagne tour, and set aside 1-2 hours of your day to walk around this multitownhome mansion in Dupont to uncover trap doors and explore the eclectic themed rooms. The picture for #MysteryMonday was a trap door that we found with the help of one of the helpful employees there. Apparently, if you find 2 of the 70 doors, you’ve accomplished a great feat. Check, we’re officially trap doors masters. Puttin’ that on the ol’ resume. HQ challenges you to find more on your next date!


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