#MysteryMonday – March 5, 2018

There is SO much to explore out in Ivy City. If you definitely want to make it worth your while, check out this week’s hidden gem featured in #MysteryMonday:


We like to check out our hidden gems before we send any agents there. Pro tip: we found a Groupon for a tour + tasting.

Let me tell ya, One Eight Distilling certainly fits the bill for “hidden” status. Located between a bunch of warehouses in an otherwise quiet and industrial part of town, One Eight Distilling houses not only a delightful bar with a fat stack of board games, but also a tour where you get to see where and how they make their vodka, gin, and whiskey. You also get a tasting of each and a free drink ticket with your tour!

Hands down one of the best kept secrets in Ivy City and an awesome date night activity before/after dinner at one of the many restaurants popping up in this ‘hood.



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