#MysteryMonday – May 7, 2018

The Spot: National Gallery of Art, East Building
The Deets: Anyone else feel like DC’s museum scene is like a hydra? Go to one, and you realize there’s like 6 more that you still haven’t been to or another one just popped up. I guess that means there’s so much to celebrate and do in DC? Not to be confused with its sister, the West Building, across the street, the National Gallery of Art East Building should be added to your list of must-visit places in DC if you can’t choose between classic and modern art. Check out some old school masterpieces by OGs like Rembrandt and Cezanne, rebels like Van Gogh and Pollock, your girl Georgia O’Keefe, and of course, the-first-name-that-pops-into-your-head-when-you-think-of-artists Picasso. Oh, and the cafes in there are dope for a quick bite or busting out the laptop to work (hello free wifi).

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