How To Avoid The Tourists in DC on Memorial Day Weekend

Are you mentally prepared for this weekend? As a city filled to the brim with people who came here for a job (most likely in politics), there’s a pretty good chance that those people are going back from whence they came from…only to be infused with tourists.

So what better way to beat the I <3 DC shirts than to go where the locals go? Or maybe you ARE a tourist tryna experience our nation’s capitol like a local. Using Mystery District’s classic date night recipe [activity + meal + drinks], let’s run for the hills in these three neighborhoods in 3…2…1…


In a land far, far away from the National Mall, there’s a place where no tourist would dare to go. Mostly because it’s still “up and coming” but it sure is RIDDLED with #hiddengems. Below is Mystery District’s recipe for a great date night out in Ivy City:

[Activity] = Bad Axe Throwing
[Meal] = La Puerta Verde
[Drinks] = literally any brewery (Atlas, Right Proper, DC Brau) or distillery (Jos A. Magnus, Republic Restoratives, One Eight)

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Home of the Drink Company’s rotating theme Pop-Up Bar, Shaw is the perfect blend of familiar hangouts and unexplored territory. Here’s what we’re thinkin’ for Shaw:

[Activity] = mural hunting in Blagden Alley
[Meal] = Tiger Fork
[Drinks] = The Dabney Cellar

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We know what you are thinking. Dupont ain’t no hidden gem, everyone knows Dupont. Ahh, but my beautiful sunfish of an Agent, the gems are right under your nose!

[Activity] = Take a tour of Heurich House
[Meal] = Tacos at Mission for more of an upscale vibe or Surfside for more casual
[Drinks] = The Sheppard

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