A Night On The Colorful Town: 17th Street Date Night

It’s Pride Month, Agents! That’s good news for you if you love love. And if you’re looking for a date night that immerses you in the Pride, HQ highly recommends that you mosey on over to 17th Street because your eyes will have no choice but to be blinded by rainbows…in the best way possible. Admittedly, many of our picks below (in our classic meal + activity + drink format) are not the most prideful activities, but the energy on 17th Street alone is enough to make you proud.

Floriana – Victorian townhouse home to cozy Italian restaurant that feels like the decor was inspired by your second-generation Italian grandmother. You’re almost expecting the waiter to shout “MANGA” at you as he lays your plate of Sunday Gravy down. By the way, there’s a bar in the basement to go for drinks afterwards.
Little Serow – Good luck finding and getting into this hidden gem, but once you do, kiss DC goodbye because it’s gonna feel like you were just transported to Northern Thailand.
Agora – Not necessarily a hidden gem, but a classic date night spot featuring Mediterranean small plates…really can’t go wrong with this one.
Komi – Honestly, HQ has never been here but we’ve heard of its upscale legend.
Sushi Taro – Some of the best sushi in DC. If you’ve ever walked down 17th St at 3:30 PM on a weekday and saw a line of people just waiting around for 5 PM, best believe they’re waiting for Sushi Taro’s legendary happy hour.

Keegan Theatre – Did you know there’s a theatre off of 17th & Church? It’s called Keegan Theatre, tickets average around $50, and the shows that they put on are simply awesome. Serious hidden gem status coming from someone who truthfully isn’t a huge fan of theatre but loves a good laugh, cry, or gasp.
Pansaari – An underground Indian Food Hall? Done. Hidden gem status off the charts. Just choose your activity! They offer tons of different kinds of cooking classes, cocktail classes or wine tasting, and dancing!

Pansaari – Have to include this again. If you’d prefer not to make your beverage yourself, Pansaari boasts a pretty extensive and decently-priced beer, wine, and chai bar menu.
Duke’s Grocery – Grab a drink, sit down at one of the picnic tables, and people-watch until the alcohol gives you enough moxy to stare at passers-by right in the face, ultimately making them feel slightly uncomfortable.

Of course, if you think we egregiously missed a hidden gem, let us know!

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