#MysteryMonday – June 11, 2018

The Spot: Board Room
The Deets: True to our #disruptingdatenight mission, we love a date night spot that’s interactive. Less dinner and a movie, more activities that allow you to get to know someone better. So whether you’re looking for a good double date spot or you’re hitting the town with a game-lover, WE GOTCHU COVERED WITH THIS ONE. If you’ve never been to Board Room, picture a two story bar…but with shelves upon shelves of games to greet you at the front door. Unfortunately, they don’t have Cones of Dunshire, but they got enough to make your nerdy, game-lovin’ partner-in-crime super impressed with your knowledge of hidden gems in DC. So Grandmasters, Scrabblers, Risk-takers, Settlers, and Trivial Pursuers…rejoice! For there is a place where you can socially nerd out with a buzz and a beer in peace.

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