#MysteryMonday – July 9, 2018

The Spot: Poca Madre
The Deets: Upscale dining? Delicious Mexican cuisine? Liquid nitrogen margaritas?!? These are all phrases that you should be excited to hear in the same sentence, especially if you’re looking to spice up a date night in DC. Poca Madre, which officially opened in June in Penn Quarter, aims to take Mexican cuisine where it has boldly never gone before. The Ziggy Startdust margarita is must get if you would like a beverage containing equal parts flavor and experience because it’s made to order using a liquid nitrogen bath! Oh, and if that wasn’t enough shock-and-awe for you, it looks a sorbet dish expertly plated with fresh fruits and flowers. That’s right, Agent, sit down, buckle up, and take a bite out of this marigold.

Image result for eating flowers gif

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