#MysteryMonday – July 30, 2018

The Spot: Compass Rose
The Deets: Feel like traveling but don’t have the budget for 20 flights and hotel accommodations? SAME. That’s why HQ and its minions went to Compass Rose for dinner. Because food plays a huge role in travel, right? Don’t try to tell me you went to Italy and didn’t gush over the pasta, pizza, and gelato. Anywhoodles, Compass Rose’s menu consists of medium-sized dishes from all over the world. So on this particular outing, HQ traveled to Mexico with Aguachile and Algeria with a bite of Tangine before jetsetting off to Nepal with some Nepali Thakari, and finally finishing things off with a quick zip to Georgia with that CHEESE BOAT more eloquently referred to as Khachapuri.

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