#MysteryMonday – August 13, 2018

The Spot: Fancy Radish
The Deets: Oh, H Street, how we love thee. Riddled with hidden gems as far as the eye can see. OH SHIT WE MADE A RHYME! Enough about us and our stroke of brilliance, though. We’re here to talk about the best vegan restaurant this side of the Potomac. For those of you who are still here even after reading the word “vegan,” lemme tell ya, you made the right choice. Because no one should have to go through life without trying Fancy Radish’s rutabaga fondue, stuffed avocado, za’atar grilled summer squash spicy dan dan noodles, seared maitake, or (saved the best for last) STRAWBERRY SORREL BREAD PUDDING. WHAT EVEN WAS THAT? I’ll tell you what, straight up witchcraft. The good kind, though, because Fancy Radish certainly uses its powers for good. Take your vegan/vegetarian date here because it’s juuuuust the right amount of fancy and the food will have y’alls feelin’ some type of way.

P.S. the menu changes often so get there while you can and make sure you go often to keep up with their seasonal menus.

P.P.S. we took some photos for you (and ourselves) to remember this momentous meal. Sorry we’re missing half the photos, we ate them (the food, not the photos).

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