#MysteryMonday – September 10, 2018

The Spot: Call Your Mother
The Deets: WE ARE USING ALL CAPS FOR THIS ONE BECAUSE WE ARE EXPONENTIALLY EXCITED TO INTRODUCE OUR NEW FAVORITE BAGEL SPOT IN DC TO THE REST OF Y’ALL. HQ is from NJ (as we’ve definitely mentioned before but we’ll reiterate this fun fact because we love talking about NJ), so bagels are sacred in this house. They’re soft, chewy, and the closest thing to an NYC bagel you’re gonna get down here. In terms of dating, you might want to hold off until the third or fourth date to introduce her/him to [Call Your] Mother. On a related note, notion to make morning dates more of a thing? Who doesn’t love bagels, coffee, and bottomless brunch? Their brick n mortar spot is opening in October, but you can catch them at the Dupont Farmers Market in the meantime!


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