#MysteryMonday – October 1, 2018

The Spot: Acqua Al 2 (and Harold Black)
The Deets: Oh, man this is a two-for-one hidden gem of DC. We’ve got a lot of favorite date combos but chances are good that if you’ve ever been on one of our mystery dates, we sent you to Acqua Al 2 for dinner and then for a nightcap at Harold Black. We love Acqua Al 2 because 1) Italian food is the best kind of food and 2) they have this incredible blueberry steak…yeah, you heard that right. Check it out if you like food that blows your mind. After dinner, we send our Agents upstairs to Harold Black, a classy as f*ck speakeasy that’s sure to give you Prohibition-esque chills down your spine. Hit ’em both up next time you want to go on a date in Capitol Hill!


P.S. if you’re wondering where September 24th went, HQ took a hiatus aka had more important things to do than write about hidden gems (*gasp*).

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