1. What is Mystery District? Mystery District plans mystery dates based out of Washington, DC.  Our mission is to send you to DC’s hidden gems using the preferences submitted in your survey and contingent upon what’s available for your selected dates.
  2. Does Mystery District plan mystery dates in cities outside of Washington, DC? Mystery District plans mystery dates for the DC metro area. For missions in other cities in the United States, please submit a request via the Contact page.
  3. I like the idea of a mystery but I want to know more. What’s in a date? Each date consists of three “missions”: an activity mission, a drink mission, and a food mission. The food mission is not included in the prepaid price.
  4. How does Mystery District put together these mystery dates? Glad you asked! Click here to learn more.
  5. How many Agents can I recruit for one mission? Typically we plan missions for two people, but heck, the more the merrier! Just let us know in your survey if you are requesting a mission for a group.
  6. I’m sensing a “spy” theme here…are we just going to the International Spy Museum? Not necessarily! Although the ISM is an interesting and fun place to go in DC, we will not be sending you exclusively on spy-themed missions.
  7. Can I request a mystery date on a weekday? You sure can, Agent! In this case, we’ll work under the assumption that you would prefer the start time to be after 5 PM unless otherwise specified in your survey.
  8. Is Mystery District only for couples? Nope! Mystery District is for friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, imaginary friends, furry friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, co-workers, etc.
  9. Can Mystery District plan a mission for a corporate event? Sure! Just submit a request via the Contact page and we’ll get it going!
  10. How much does this cost? We offer 3 different budget tiers: $50 per person, $75 per person, and $100 per person. These are the prices of two prepaid missions (the activity and drink mission). The food mission is not included in this price.
  11. BONUS QUESTION: Why isn’t the food mission included in the price? We can’t predict what you’re going to order off a menu despite our best efforts to predict the future. We still make the reservation for the food mission at a reservation that coincides with your selected budget.