Mystery District wants to send you on a mystery date to DC’s hidden gems. To do so, a lot of love and care goes into planning a mystery date. In exchange for a curated date in our nation’s capitol with accompanying clues, we charge a planning fee that coincides with the budget of your date. The budgets in the survey are the combined total of how much you want to spend on your date + our planning fee. See pricing structure below for more details.

After we’ve finalized the details for your date, we will send you a Paypal invoice for the planning fee + whatever tickets or reservations we had to pay for in advance (within your selected budget, of course).

Sound good? Time to select your mission.


Cancellations: We can 100% guarantee a full refund as long as you cancel one week in advance of your selected date. We do this because if we have to buy tickets, we do so about a week before your date. If you need to cancel less than a week before your date, we will do everything in our power to refund/return anything paid for in advance. If we can’t, we’ll try to sell your prepackaged date to the masses, but no guarantees. In this case, we require that you kindly pay for whatever prepayments we made for your date.